Raymar Recycle

Raymar Recycling Program


As an environmentally responsible organization, Raymar Information Technology has established a program to recycle all electronic products manufactured by Raymar. This recycling program was established as part of Raymar’s continued dedication to provide outstanding customer service to its customers world-wide.


The unwanted, obsolete, and/or damaged electronic products will be processed in an environmentally responsible manner at an ISO 14001 and 9001 certified waste management facility.The waste products will be broken down into saleable commodities such as plastics, metals and glass.Downstream vendors will further process the commodities into reusable forms and new products will be made from the recovered materials.Raymar hopes to incorporate some of those recovered materials back into its own products.With this program in place, Raymar also hopes to ensure that the people and surrounding communities are environmentally protected.


For further details and instructions on how to return materials to Raymar for recycling, please email: recycle@raymarinc.comand a representative will contact you.