Raymar Managed Print Service
Raymar Managed
Print Service

Let Raymar Managed Print Service Help You Save Money and Resources.
How much do you spend each month on printer supplies?

Are you dealing with multiple vendors for your printing needs?

How many hours do you spend keeping your printer environment working efficiently?

Is your current printer environment using outdated technology?

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Rachel McCoy
Account Manager
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Jim Hardiman
Account Manager
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Dear Erin,
If your company is spending too much time and money on maintaining its printer environment, it's time for a change.

Let Raymar Managed Print Service help you save at least 20% of your total printing costs and save time in the process!
Raymar Managed Print Service

Why a Managed Service?
Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to trim costs and increase productivity. Having one trusted source for all your printer management needs can help you save money and leverage your existing resources for maximum output. Raymar's Service makes the most of your printer environment without breaking your budget in the process.
Raymar evaluates your current printer environment and recommends changes that dramatically reduce your TCO. It is the only end-to-end solution designed to work with any printer environment, saving you money on new equipment while practically eliminating the time you spend on maintenance.

Raymar Managed Print Service Features include:
- An in-depth assessment of your current printing environment and custom recommendation, including hardware configuration.
- A review of your document work flow and recommendations to improve productivity.
- Customized solutions for supplies replenishment, service and support.
- A simple contract.
- Ongoing review to further reduce total costs and increase printing efficiencies.

With Raymar Managed Print Service, there are NO upgrades to buy, NO need to manage supplies, and NO time spent on printer maintenance!
Contact one of our Account Managers to find out more!
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Raymar Information Technology, Inc.
With Raymar Managed Print Service, you have one trusted source for all your printer environment needs, from hardware to supplies to maintenance.  A single point of contact means fewer relationships to manage, no overlap in service, and reduced total cost of ownership.
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