Technology Bridge International Technology Bridge International is the result of Thirty Two years of technology evolution, beginning with Micro Data / McDonnell Douglas Pick operating mainframes and communications to today’s Managed SAAS environments.We have one simple goal; to make you more successful through better selection, implementation and management of your Information Technology.Bridging Yesterdays Technology with Tomorrows Infrastructure.

It is vital for today’s organizations to get more value for their dollar without neglecting Information Technology’s mission critical importance. Our experienced team can assist with network migration from Serial to IP, Wireline to Fiber or X.25 to MPLS and more.

We have one simple goal; to make you more successful through better selection, implementation and management of your Information Technology.

Raymar-Vanguard Raymar-Vanguard offers a portfolio of multiservice access gateways and IP routers for service providers and enterprises. With full routing capabilities, enterprise-class integrated security, proven VoIP services, switching capacity, and rich protocol support, the Vanguard Access Services Gateway router replaces several single-purpose network devices and delivers a flexible and cost-effective network infrastructure.  
Raymar-Telenetics Our manufacturing group builds from board level up using Quick Response Manufacturing policies and has implemented a quality system based on Six Sigma principles.Last year we shipped to 41 countries where our products are used in the control of power and water as industry standards.We recently re-signed with General Electric for another three year extension of a contract for China Light & Power.Our mission critical products are specified by the FAA, NOAA, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, CONUS, and numerous agencies where a high degree of reliability is required from a trusted supplier.  
Raymar-Telenetics UK Serving the EMEA Region with industrial communications solutions from Bell202T Modems to 3G Wireless products for support and monitoring of industrial SCADA, OIL & GAS and transport applications.  
Raymar Tech We are a team of highly qualified individuals who are committed to supporting our customers needs. We have established ourselves as a highly respected organization within the credit union field, primarily with credit unions using the Harland software.We have worked with these customers with the same experienced personnel for many years. Our longest standing technician has been a part of our team for 23 years. We partner with the leading industry manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Blue Coat, Procera and others to provide the best equipment solutions ensuring highly reliable network solutions.  
Industrial Grade Modem Industrial Grade Modems (IGM) is a leader in remote wireless monitoring and a supplier of proprietary wired and wireless data-communications solutions for utility, transportation and other industrial automation applications. IGM sells products and systems that collect data from industrial SCADA devices such as meters, remote terminal units, traffic controllers, industrial controls, remote sensors and data loggers and sends it through wireless cellular and radio frequency networks or telephone lines to a host site, direct or via the Internet. IGM wireless and wired solutions are already at work in many applications and new ones are developing every day.  
 The Nissan R35 GT-R Texas mile world record holder.